Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KONAD Stamping Nail Art Competition 2010

KONAD Stamping Nail Art Competition 2010

Date: 3rd July 2010
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: The Mines Exhibition Hall
1st Prize - RM1000 (Cash)
2nd Prize - Products worth RM800
3rd Prize - Products worth RM600
10 Consolation Prizes - Products worth RM200
Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all participants.

Entry Deadline: 25th June 2010

Visit, email to or call 0123100036 or 03-80759252 should you require further information.

Up Coming Event - Internation Beauty Expo (IBE), 22-25 May 2010 at KLCC Convention Centre

Visit us at Booth T07 & T08

New Products - Only at IBE

1. "Apresso" UV Gel
- It's easily removed by gel remover (10 - 15 minutes)
- It doesn't require filing and genertes little heat. It remarkably reduces application time as it's
automatically leveled and easy to apply.
- It has a good gloss shine and no stimulateive smells
- Since it is soft but strong, it doesn'tcause the problem of nail shrinking after applying this gel.

2. "Apresso" Builder Gels
- Soak Off Clear Gel, Soak Off Gel is a very thin gel to strengthen the nails. This gel has good
adhesion and flexibility. This gel can be soaked in acetone for easy removal within minimum
damage to the natural nail surface (no need of primer and basic gel and top gel-with excelent
adhesion and shine).
- Pink Gel, as a builder gl with unique colors. Pink Gel goes well with the color of the natural
nails. It can be used to cover the faulty nails and to lengthen the nails.
- White Gel, sprads naturally evenly and is the most suitable product to create the prefect smile
lines on the French nails.

3. "Apresso" UV Color Gels
- 26 colors as high shine top gels, these gels create a multitude of colors to replace nail polish.
These thin and durable gels are flexible and easy to apply and leveled naturally (Two types of
soak off & non-soak). "Soak Off Color Gel" can be used as " a top gel" on whatever types of top
gels has been applied.

4. "Apresso" Pearl Gels
- As a base or top gel for dimly-glittering color gradation expression, pearl gels create the
attractive nails. Pearl Magic releases a multitude of clear and bright colors via light reflection.

5. "Apresso" Glitter Gels
- Glitter Gels have various sizes of Glitters and they create glittering nails just as light is

For further information, call 012310036.